Seminar 5: Liam Gillick: Five Short Texts on the Possibility of Creating an Economy of Equivalence

May 7 – May 11, 2007
All sessions will start at 7:30 PM

Five thirty minute lectures, followed by drinks in the bar at unitednationsplaza.

“The text looks again at the dynamic that exists within a group when one set of people thinks that there will ‘have to be change’ and ‘things won’t be able to continue this way’ and the other believes that change will only occur as a result of direct action.”

“We are interested in the cone shaped gap that you could argue is perceivable in the trajectory between modernity and modernism. Modernity leading to both Wal-Mart and memory sticks on one hand and modernism as a kind of ‘circling the drain’ complex of striated, layered forms of self-referentiality which at the same time attempts a way to envision creating continual and endless possibilities of critique in relation to modernity, modernism or any of its late and post iterations.”

“The question is whether they return to the abandoned factory to play out a new economy of equivalence or finally put it to rest and focus on other places that remain fixed and secure in earlier models of spectacular exchange masquerading as revelation or mere reflections of dominant models that currently leave all relationships intact.”


Liam Gillick

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