Oksana Bulgakowa


Oksana Bulgakowa, Professor of Film Studies at the International Film School in Cologne, is a Moscow-born scholar who lives in Berlin. She published several books on Russian and German cinema (Sergei Eisenstein: Three Utopias. Architectural drafts for a Film Theory, 1996; FEKS - The Factory of Eccentric Actors, 1997; The Adventures of Doctor Mabuse in the Country of Bolsheviks, 1995; The White Rectangle. Kazimir Malevitch On Film, 1997 (English Edition 2002); Sergej Eisenstein. A Biography, 1998; English edition 2003; Factory of Gestures, Moscow 2005), directed films (Stalin – a Mosfilmproduction, 1993; The Girl who kissed Stalin, SR, 1995; The Different Faces of Sergei Eisenstein, 1998), curated a film section of an exhibit Moscow - Berlin, Berlin - Moscow 1900-1950 and developed multimedia projects (a website The Visual Universe of Sergei Eisenstein. Sketch book 1914, Daniel Langlois-Foundation, Montreal, 2005; a DVD Factory of Gestures. On Body Language in Film, Stanford Humanities Lab, 2008).



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