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25.09.08: Rirkrit Tiravanija introduces the land with a screening of Phillippe Parreno's Boy from Mars

Initiated in 1998, the land is the merging of ideas by different artists to cultivate a place of and for social engagement. The land is located near the village of Sanpatong, twenty minutes from the center of the provincial capital Chiang Mai. Due to floods and high water levels, rice farming had not been very productive in this area in recent years. Though the action to acquire the rice fields was originally initiated by several Chiang Mai based artists, the land was founded with anonymity and with out the concept of ownership. The land was to be cultivated as an open space, with certain intentions towards community, discussions, and experimentation in other fields of thought. The land and its topographical environment is cultivated through the philosophy and agricultural technique of Chaloui Kaewkong, a Thai farmer. The ideas around the cultivation of the topography, which is 1/4 earth (mass) and 3/4 water (liquid), is based on the composition of the human body. See for more information.

Artist Rirkrit Tiravanija presents this project in conjunction with a screening of Phillipe Parreno's 2003 film Boy from Mars (35 mm, 11 minutes, Dolby SR transferred to DVD).

All Night School attendees are invited to join the preview and opening reception for the exhibition "Museum as Hub: Six Degrees," on floors 5 and 7 following the lecture.

Rirkrit Tiravanija

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